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Distinguished Voices Audio

Distinguished Voices

Below you will find a selection of audio files for download. We keep others at the Society and a list of other available interviews is given at the bottom of the page. All files are in mp3 format.

  • John Monteith

    John Lennox Monteith DSc, FRS, FRMetS

    Date interviewed: 1994

    Duration: 2 hours 40mins approx

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

  • Keith Browning

    Keith Browning PhD FRS

    Date interviewed: 2003

    Duration:1h 30 mins approx

    File size:92.5MB Download File

  • no image available

    Prof Hubert H Lamb

    Date interviewed: 1985

    Duration:1h 11 mins approx

    File size:81.5MB Download File

  • no image available

    Prof Jehuda Neumann

    Date interviewed: 1987

    Duration:1h 33 mins approx

    File size:106MB
    Download File

  • no image available

    John Stanley Sawyer

    Date interviewed: 1985

    Duration:1h 13 mins approx

    File size:81.8MB
    Download File

  • no image available

    Dr G M B Dobson

    Datterviewed: 1975

    Duration:45mins approx

    File size:50.3MB
    Download File

  • no image available

    Richard S Scorer PhD

    Date interviewed: 1985

    Duration:1h 52mins approx

    Part 1
    Part 2



Distinguished Voices of Meteorology - Available on order (contact the Society)

  • Oliver Ashford

  • Sir David Bates

  • Hugh Bunting

  • Prof R M Goody

  • Dr F K Hare

  • Richard Hamilton

  • Sir Harold Jeffreys

  • P Meade

  • Sir John Mason

  • Sir John Mason 2

  • Dr Frank Pasquill

  • Prof Robert Pearce

  • R A S Ratcliffe

  • Prof R C Sutcliffe

  • John Swallow

  • V E Suomi