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We have now gone live with our new IT system, which should improve your experience of our site. As with all new systems there will inevitably be initial teething problems; if you experience any difficulties then please alert the office either by emailing or telephoning us on 0118 956 8500 and speaking with Tim. Thank you for your patience.


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The Strategic Plan

The Society’s mission and themes are wide-ranging, because of the breadth and depth of the nature of what the Society does, the membership and the stakeholder communities. With this in mind, as well as defining a series of programmes of work to deliver these themes, we have set ourselves six specific and significant priorities for this plan:

  1. Membership Development to grow membership and improve retention;
  2. Scientific Knowledge Management to enable people to access, create, share and apply scientific knowledge through the scientific publishing, meetings and events, and climate science communication programmes;
  3. Professional Development and Accreditation to support meteorologists throughout their career;
  4. Education and Outreach to support teachers, students and the wider community, promote engagement with weather and climate, and encourage the teaching of meteorology in schools;
  5. Public and Policy Engagement to support evidence informed policy and decision making and actively engage in media activities;
  6. Business Development to diversify and increase income through fund raising activities.