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We have now gone live with our new IT system, which should improve your experience of our site. As with all new systems there will inevitably be initial teething problems; if you experience any difficulties then please alert the office either by emailing or telephoning us on 0118 956 8500 and speaking with Tim. Thank you for your patience.

Meetings Suggestions

The aim is to have a varied programme of stimulating and topical meetings on the latest advances in weather and climate, open to all, from expert to enthusiast. Traditionally, the meetings take the form of Wednesday afternoon meetings aimed more (but not exclusively) at a professional/academic audience, and Saturday meetings aimed more (but not exclusively) towards the weather amateur/enthusiast audience, but suggestions for other meeting formats will also be considered. Meeting suggestions that bring different parts of the community or different disciplines together are encouraged.

The Committee meets in early February, late May and early November. Any suggestions through this web page will be collated for the Committee to consider at its next meeting.

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