Benefits of Membership

  • Free Monthly Weather magazine

  • Discounts on the Society's scientific journals

  • Access to educational resources including instruments

  • Professional accreditation

  • Society meetings and conferences

  • Advice about weather and climate

  • Career advice

  • Eligibility for the Legacies Fund

  • Eligibility for other grants and fellowships

  • Networking opportunities

  • Discounts at Society Conferences

  • Discounts in the Society's shop

  • Reduced cost of membership with other organisations

  • Discount on all Wiley-Blackwell books (15% on popular interest reference books or 20% on academic publications)

The Royal Meteorological Society is a registered charity and hence relies upon member subscriptions and donations to carry out its charitable work. Throughout the last few years the Society has been able, through this revenue, to attend a number of science fairs such as Techfest, the Big Bang and the Cheltenham Science Fair to open up the field of meteorology to a younger generation. Furthermore, the Society has joined with the Royal Geographical Society and the British Council to establish Climate 4 Classrooms which delivers teaching resources throughout Indonesia, Mexico, China and the UK. The Society is also able to offer guidance to the Government on important meteorological based policy decisions as well as providing independent comment to the media on relevant issues.