Chartered Meteorologist (CMet)

Accreditation as a Chartered Meteorologist (CMet) will assure clients and employers that the individual has reached, and continues to maintain, a high level of competence in their specialist areas of meteorology and has agreed to subscribe to a Code of Conduct laid down by the Society. The scheme is relevant to all professional meteorologists, whether consultants or practising professional meteorologists.

The Royal Meteorological Society Chartered Meteorologist Accreditation Scheme is a Chartered Accreditation, identical in concept and scope to chartered accreditation in other professions such as Chartered Accountant, Chartered Engineer, Chartered Architect, Chartered Surveyor etc. It is not an "academic" qualification in the sense that, say, a university degree is. 

To achieve CMet, the member must satisfy the the Society as to his/her:

  • scientific background to degree level (or equivalent qualification) in any science, engineering or computational subject
  • knowledge of meteorological science and practice
  • experience and judgement
  • competence, including the ability to communicate clearly in English
  • probity and willingness to abide by the code of conduct
  • commitment to maintaining professional currency.

The following links provide information on How to Apply, the associated fees, full details of the scheme, a CPD return form and a  Register of Chartered Meteorologists

Costs for CMet

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Please see the documents above for information about RMet and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to email

A register of those members accredited as A list of Chartered Meteorologists can be found here >>


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    To qualify for accreditation as a CMet, a candidate must satisfy the Society on certain criteria
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    Accreditation as a CMet will assure clients and employers of a high level of competence
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