Registered Meteorologist (RMet)

RMet is a professional qualification awarded by the Royal Meteorological Society for members pursuing a career in meteorology, or working in a role supporting meteorological services. To be considered for accreditation as a RMet, candidates must have achieved (or be able to demonstrate) the requirements set out in the diagram and documents below.

The extent to which a candidate satisfies the requirements is based on evidence from a candidate’s self-assessment, referees’ reports and the assesment panel.

rmet steps

Steps to accreditation

  1. Complete and submit the online application form using ACCSYS and make the relevant payment. Do not leave any section incomplete as ACCSYS will not allow your submission to be uploaded.
  2. The Society will check your submission and will seek references from your nominated referees.
  3. Subject to satisfactory references and membership status, the Society will arrange for you to be assessed, usually at your place of work, by a panel of two or three assessors, at least one of whom will, if possible, be one of your senior colleagues.
  4. The Chair of the Work Place Assessment panel will submit a report to the Society and your application will then be considered by the Accreditation Board and a decision on the award of Registration will be made. This will be communicated to you by post as quickly as possible after the adjudication.

You may apply for RMet online using our new Accreditation and CPD System (ACCSYS)

Go to ACCSYS  (for logged in members)


Launch of the RMet Scheme

The Royal Meteorological Society were pleased to announce the launch of the Registered Meteorologist (RMet) professional accreditation scheme at the Annual General Meeting on 14 May 2014 and presented certificates to the first candidates to be accredited (below).

Front row: Lt Benjamin Barrett RN, Dr Jennifer Rourke, Met Office, Mr Paul Knightley, MeteoGroup, Mr Paul Mott, MeteoGroup, Mr Byron Drew. MetraWeather EMEA.  Second row Mr Adam Thornhill, Met Office, Mr James Rainbow, Met Office.  Back row; Dr Liz Bentley, Chief Executive, Royal Meteorological Society, Prof Jo Haigh, President Royal Meteorological Society, Cdr Derek Swannick Chair of Accreditation Board.

Costs for RMet

See our Fees Page >>

Please see the documents above for information about RMet and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to email

A register of those members accredited as Registered Meteorologists to date can be found here >>