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  • Operational Weather Forecasting


    Operational Weather Forecasting covers the whole process of forecast production, from understanding the nature of the forecasting problem, gathering the observational data with which to initialise and verify forecasts, designing and building a model (or models) to advance those initial conditions forwards in time and then interpreting the model output and putting it into a form which is relevant to customers of weather forecasts.

  • Time Series Analysis in Meteorology and Climatology


    Time Series Analysis in Meteorology and Climatology provides an accessible overview of this notoriously difficult subject. Clearly structured throughout, the authors develop sufficient theoretical foundation to understand the basis for applying various analytical methods to a time series and show clearly how to interpret the results.


  • The Atmosphere and Ocean

    the atmosphere and ocean

    The Atmosphere and Ocean is a fully revised and updated student friendly physical introduction to the atmosphere and ocean. Now in its Third Edition, the book continues to provide students with an accessible description of the atmosphere and ocean with emphasis on their physical properties and inter-dependence.




  • Mesoscale Meteorology in Midlatitudes

    mesoscale meteorology

    This book  presents the dynamics of mesoscale meteorological phenomena in a highly accessible, student-friendly manner. The book's clear mathematical treatments are complimented by high-quality photographs and illustrations. Comprehensive coverage of subjects including boundary layer mesoscale phenomena, orographic phenomena and deep convection.

  • Thermal Physics of the Atmosphere

    thermal physics

    Maarten Ambaum
    Thermal Physics of the Atmosphere offers a concise and thorough introduction on how basic thermodynamics naturally leads on to advanced topics in atmospheric physics.