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RMetS Award Winners for 2012


We are delighted to announce the 2012 RMetS Award Winners

  • The Symons Gold Medal

    Dr Tim Barnett

  • Buchan Prize

    Dr Mark Rodwell

  • The Hugh Robert Mill Award

    Dr Christopher M Taylor

  • The L F Richardson Prize

    Dr Tim Woollings

  • The Michael Hunt Award

    Jointly to Dr Paul Williams FRMetS and Dr Andrew Russell

  • Adrian Gill Prize

    Prof Dudley Shallcross FRMetS

  • The IBM Award for Meteorological Innovation that Matters

    Old Weather (led by Dr Philip Brohan)

  • Vaisala Award

    Dr Ian Strangeways FRMetS

  • The Gordon Manley Weather Prize

    Andrew Sibley FRMetS

  • Quarterly Journal Editor's Award

    Prof Peter Jan van Leeuwen FRMetS

  • International Journal of Climatology Editor’s Award (sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell)

    Prof Johnny Chan

  • Atmospheric Science Letters Editor’s Award

    Prof Sat Ghosh

  • James Paton Memorial Prize

    Ms Rohan Beyts for a photograph submitted by James Brownhill

  • Jehuda Neumann Memorial Prize (awarded by the History of Meteorology & Physical Oceanography Special Interest Group)

    Brian Booth

News Date: 
Tuesday, February 19, 2013