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The Papers of Guy Stewart Callendar DVD

The Papers of Guy Stewart Callendar DVD

This is the Digital Edition on DVD
Compiled and edited by
James Rodger Fleming and Jason Thomas Fleming
A companion book is also available

G. S. Callendar discovered that global warming could
be brought about by increases in the concentration of
atmospheric carbon dioxide due to human activities,
primarily through burning fossil fuels.
He did this in 1938!
This research-quality digital archive of Guy Stewart Callendar’s papers is an essential tool for historians, climate scientists, and other scholars, and a desirable acquisition for libraries.
Inside you’ll find:
• Manuscript letters
• Journals
• Weather and Climate Data
• Family photographs

For a brilliant and cohesive narrative account of the life and work of Guy Stewart Callendar, see The Callendar Effect. This biography, written by noted science historian James Rodger Fleming and available from AMS Books, illuminates Callendar’s education, family life, and work as a leading British engineer through the World Wars and beyond, to his continuing legacy as the scientist who established the Callendar Effect.

P&P Included.