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the Weather Bookazine

the Weather Bookazine

theWeather is a publication of theWeather Club. Its content reflects the many faces of the weather - its beauty, its power, its occasional absurdity and its fragility in the face of human activity. This 120-page publication is packed full of international weather stories, spectacular photography and features covering areas as diverse as science, culture, sport, politics, food, gardening, sailing and history. theWeather offers proof of just how deep and fundamental the influence of the weather is upon us all. theWeather includes a review of the extreme weather events from around the world over the last year; Kate Humble, Colin Jackson and Ellen Macarthur talk about how the weather impacts on their lives; find out more about La Niña and why it helped England win the Ashes in Australia; and read terrifying accounts from people caught up in typhoons and hurricanes. If you love the weather or you want to be amazed by the stunning photography then this is a must. theWeather is designed by the man named Designer of the Year at the 2010 Independent Publisher Awards. It also won the European Meteorological Society's 2011 Communications award. theWeather is beautiful to look at, and with its thick, high grade, 100% recycled paper, has a pleasing feel to match its environmental credentials.

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