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We have now gone live with our new IT system, which should improve your experience of our site. As with all new systems there will inevitably be initial teething problems; if you experience any difficulties then please alert the office either by emailing or telephoning us on 0118 956 8500 and speaking with Tim. Thank you for your patience.

Submitting Images for Weather

weather image uploads

It is now possible to submit photographs for inclusion in the web site gallery, Weather and the RMetS Calendar online.  Administrator approval is necessary before your image will appear in the gallery, but all images will show on the web site unless you specifically ask us not to display them online.  During the upload process you can specify whether you would like your name included as the photographer or not.

Otherwise you can email photographs to including your name, phone number and address (if you photograph is used in the calendar we will send you a copy when it is published)

File sizes for both online and emailed submissions must be under 8MB.  The format should be jpg, or jpeg and for the calendar and Weather magazine the original uncompressed images are needed.  However, if your image is for the web site only then a smaller file is possible.

By using the online system you guarantee that you hold full copyright for the submitted images.

Online submission