35th Anniversary of start of the Falklands War

Supplies being delivered to HMS Bristol by helicopter during a stopover at Ascension Island on the ship's voyage to the South Atlantic

Today marks 35 years since the start of the Falklands War. Weather forecasts play a vital role in military operations, and over the first weekend of the Falklands War Met Office scientists worked tirelessly to progress their latest model so that it could provide global forecasts.

Prof. Brian Golding OBE FRMetS, Fellow in Weather Impacts at the Met Office said “Meteorologists played a key role in the Falklands War, which started 35 years ago. At that time very few weather forecasting centres had a global capability. In order to support the RAF and the Navy’s metocean forecasters with the South Atlantic Task Force, Met Office scientists worked around the clock, through the first weekend of the war, extending their new 15-level weather forecast model to cover the whole globe. This, together with subsequent forecaster support on the ground, led to a strengthened relationship between the Met Office and the Armed Forces, which has continued to grow to this day. The Met Office’s global forecasting capability has developed enormously since that beginning and is now used to support a wide variety of international services.”

You can read more about the history of numerical weather prediction in the Met Office in Brian's Weather article >>


News Date: 
Sunday, April 2, 2017