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Andrew Robinson FRMetS CMet

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Recently retired from the Royal Navy having served as a METOC Officer in jobs as a meteorological and oceanographic forecaster and, on the staff of a seagoing Flag Officer, as part of the anti-submarine warfare planning team.  Specialist in METOC training.  Also worked as the Royal Navy’s recruiting operation manager and in strategic manpower control. Currently working as the Bursar of a leading independent pre-school and actively seeking a position linked to meteorology.


Recent work: 

Past experience includes - air station aviation forecaster; meteorological officer of a destroyer; meteorological forecaster at Commander in Chief Fleet HQ; oceanographic forecaster at Commander in Chief Fleet HQ; Staff METOC to sea going Flag Officer; Training Officer (Meteorology) and Training Officer (Oceanography) at RN School of Meteorology and Oceanography.  MOD METOC Policy and METOC Equipment Procurement; Officer in Charge RN School of Meteorology and Oceanography.  Command METOC Officer, NATO HQ CINCEASTLANT. Command-in-Chief Fleet’s Senior Meteorological Officer.


Aviation meteorological forecasting; marine meteorology; military meteorology; military oceanography; underwater acoustics; anti-submarine warfare; meteorological and oceanographic training (including training design) and application of computers to environmental sciences.