FRMetS Register

Becoming a Fellow normally requires a formal qualification (eg. a first degree in a science subject and/or post-graduate degree or an NVQ in a relevant discipline) and at least five years of professional experience within or directly related to meteorology. Exceptionally, long experience and performance at a high professional level, suitably attested by peer review, can replace the requirement for a formal academic or vocational qualification. MSc or PhD study in a relevant subject counts as one or two years experience respectively.

Apply to become a Fellow

To be considered for election to Fellow applicants need to be proposed by two existing Fellows.

Those elected may use the appellation FRMetS as a measure of professional competence in meteorology. Those elected to Fellow before this scheme was introduced on 5 September 2003 will need to apply for the use of FRMetS.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix
Prof Richard Giles Harrison FRMetS
Dr Mark Alfred John Harrison FRMetS
Mr Danny Robert Hart FRMetS
Cdr John Hartley FRMetS RN
Mr Gareth Harvey FRMetS RMet
Dr Edward Hawkins FRMetS
Mr Alan John Heasman FRMetS
Mr Terence Stanley Hedges FRMetS
Mr Gordon Hensman FRMetS
Ms Fiona Hewer FRMetS
Miss Sarah Hewitt FRMetS CMet
Mr Colin Hewston FRMetS
Dr Richard Hewston FRMetS
Ms Jennifer Hibbert FRMetS
Dr Michael Philip Hickey FRMetS
Mr Neil Hicking FRMetS
Dr Mark Higgins FRMetS CMet
Prof Eleanor Jo Highwood FRMetS
Dr Julian Gregory Thomas Hill FRMetS
Mr Frank Frederick Hill FRMetS
Dr Richard Alexander Hill FRMetS
Dr Alan Hisscott FRMetS CMet
Mr Matthew James Hobby FRMetS
Mr Michael Henry Owen Hoddinott FRMetS
Prof Robin James Hogan FRMetS
Prof Joseph Holden FRMetS
Mrs Jennifer Holley FRMetS
Dr Naomi Penelope Holliday FRMetS
Dr Martin William Holt FRMetS
Mr John Stewart Hopkins FRMetS
Dr Richenda Elouise Houseago-Stokes FRMetS
Prof Robert Houze FRMetS
Dr Theodore V Hromadka FRMetS
Dr Matt Huddleston FRMetS
Mr Gavin Paul Huggett FRMetS
Mr Matthew Victor Hugo FRMetS RMet
Mr Roger Hunt FRMetS
Miss Eleanore Rachel Hunt FRMetS RMet
Mr Kyle Hunter FRMetS
Dr James Wilson Hurrell FRMetS
Lt Cdr Timothy Simon Hutchins FRMetS
Dr Radan Huth FRMetS
Prof Philippe Huybrechts FRMetS
Dr Gordon Inverarity FRMetS
Dr George Isaac FRMetS
Mr Kieran Jo Jacka FRMetS
Dr Sarah Jane Jackson FRMetS
Ms Jeanette Jackson FRMetS RMet
Mr Michael Jackson FRMetS
Rev Ian James FRMetS