Society Aims

Society Aims

The Royal Meteorological Society is the UK’s Professional and Learned Society for weather and climate.  It plays a key role as the custodian of both the science and the profession of meteorology in the UK and has an important role to play internationally as one of the world’s largest meteorological Societies.

The Society’s mission is: to promote meteorology as a science, profession and interest.  This is a wide remit that looks to broaden peoples’ understanding, interest and enthusiasm in meteorology, whether they are research scientists, amateurs, practitioners or professional meteorologists or members of the general public. 

It goes further, promoting the development of high-quality science, the next generation of scientists, and our practitioner community.  That is promoting professional development of individuals, accrediting organisations and further and higher education courses, encouraging meteorology as a career and helping develop the market for high-quality weather and climate services, both of which are strongly linked (as the Society is) to oceanography and hydrology in particular.  Promoting professional development includes strengthening and diversifying the applications of meteorology for the protection of life and property, for public and policy work and across business sectors.  The Society is owned by its membership, but exists for the benefit of all.

Our Themes

The Strategic Themes define how the Society will meet its mission in the long term. The Society’s strategic plan will be centred on four core strategic themes and an additional underpinning theme that supports the core strategic themes and how they can be achieved:

1. To enable the science of meteorology and related disciplines to thrive, so that knowledge of weather and climate is advanced, applied and made accessible.

2. To support and develop meteorologists through professional accreditation, career advice, communication of opportunities, provision of information and networking.

3. To enrich the lives of all those interested in weather and climate by sharing our enthusiasm and offering access to events, information and opportunities to be involved in meteorology and the work of the Society.

4. To increase awareness of the importance of weather and climate in decision-making and to be an independent voice of authority, advice and advocacy for meteorology and the profession.

Underpinning theme: 5. To ensure the Society has the capacity and capability to achieve its strategic goals – including having secure and diverse sources of finance, a skilled and motivated workforce, strong strategic partnerships, effective use of technology, sound governance, and excellent communication with members.