Ben Nevis gets a weather station

Ben Nevis weather station

A group of NERC scientists scaled the UK's highest mountain to install a temporary weather station that will record conditions - temperature, wind speed, direction, precipitation, humidity - on the summit for the first time in 113 years. Until 1904, the same measurements were gathered by men who lived in a shelter at the summit.

The expedition is the latest stage of Operation Weather Rescue: Ben Nevis, which launched in September 2017 and appealed to the public to help digitise two million 'lost' weather measurements taken by a group of Victorian volunteers known as the 'Weathermen of Ben Nevis'.  Read more here >>

The new, temporary weather station – which will run for 4 weeks, until December - will produce comprehensive weather data that can be compared to the Victorian records, and will be useful for scientists and the local community.

Interested in learning more?

‘The Weathermen of Ben Nevis’ by Marjorie Roy is a 62-page book published in 2004 containing many maps, charts, tables and graphs and numerous coloured photographs. It tells the fascinating story of Britain’s highest weather station and, indeed, only mountain observatory, which operated on the summit of Ben Nevis from 1884 to 1904.

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News Date: 
Thursday, November 23, 2017