Climate Stories

Climate Stories is a project that brings arts-based approaches to climate change communication. It is funded by NERC under their Engaging Environments programme. It provides an opportunity for climate scientists to develop their scientific communication skills in new directions, and explore artistic practice under the expert guidance of experienced workshop leaders and arts practitioners.

Scientists will spend three days at Dartington Hall in Devon from 2nd to 4th May 2018 working with writers, printmakers, singer/songwriters and theatre practitioners to develop new approaches to climate change communication. Participants will have a chance to try the different arts approaches and then choose their favoured arts discipline to work in during the second stage of the project. This will take place in late May and early July. Scientists will work with community groups in the Exeter area in a workshop context under the guidance and workshop leadership of the project’s arts practitioners. The project will conclude with a showcase event in September to celebrate the outcomes of the project. 

While the scientists involved will be drawn from the Devon area, and the community groups involved will be locally based, the project aims to draw out lessons of national significance from this year long pilot study. Above all, Climate Stories, hopes to provide a template for new ways of thinking about climate science communication.

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News Date: 
Thursday, February 1, 2018


Climate Stories workshop advert for Devon-based scientists