Atmospheric Aerosols and their Effect on Regional Climate: A Journey Around the World.

Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017

Time: 18:00 - 19:30


University of Edinburgh
Drummond Street
United Kingdom


SPEAKER | Prof Ellie Highwood FRMetS, University of Reading.

ABSTRACT | Aerosols are one of the most powerful influences on regional climate. Not only do they act directly on radiation, the surface energy budget and the microphysics of clouds, but the spatial variability of these effects leads to changes in some of the most important dynamical features of the climate system. In this talk I will give examples from several years of work stretching across the globe.

BIOGRAPHY | Ellie is Professor of Climate Physics at the University of Reading, where she is also the Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. She studied physics at Manchester and moved to Reading in 1993 to take a PhD. She became lecturer in 2001 and professor in 2011, serving as head of department for three years. She plays an active role in promoting science in schools and the wider community as a STEM ambassador. Ellie has worked part-time since 2007 when the first of her two sons was born.

Ellie's research focuses on aerosols and their impact on climate and climate change. She has led two international aircraft campaigns to measure the properties of aerosol and has been involved in many others. Research projects have considered Saharan dust, volcanoes, biomass burning and aerosols from human activities.

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