National Meeting - Communicating Climate Science

Four degrees and beyond? Emissions trajectories and future challenges

Date: Wednesday 7 November 2012

Time: 15:40

Type: Oral

Presenting author: 
Dr Alice Bows, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester and Tyndall Centre.

The 2°C temperature target dominates debate around climate change mitigation, yet the latest emission trends put the world on a track towards at least 4°C of warming, perhaps as soon as 2060. Whilst those engaged and committed to the climate mitigation agenda or negotiating on the basis of 2°C fear discussion of higher temperatures may deliver less stringent carbon reduction policies, the focus on 2°C risks leaving those adapting to climate change being given misleading information. The question is, does mitigating for 2°C but adapting for 4°C send out confusing and conflicting messages to policy, decision makers and wider society?


Alice Bows