A joint effect of the double dynamo & solar inertial motion on a long-term solar activity & ....

Date: Friday 15 June 2018

Time: 19:45 - 20:45


Durham University, St Chads
18 North Bailey
United Kingdom



TITLE | A joint effect of the double dynamo and solar inertial motion on a long-term solar activity and terrestrial temperature variations.

SPEAKER | Professor Valentina Zharkova, Northumbria University

ABSTRACT | This talk introduces a new proxy of solar activity, solar background magnetic field variations. We have shown that these are two components of this field associated with dipole dynamo waves generated in layers of the solar interior. These solar magnetic waves were classified with a series of periodic functions, which reflect the classic solar activity of sunspot numbers. The analytical summary curve was extrapolated backwards to discover a cycle of solar activity of 350-400 years. The forward extrapolation of the curve reveals an upcoming Modern grand minimum to occur in 2020-2055. The combined effects of the solar dynamo and solar inertial motion can explain the long-term variations of solar activity, solar irradiance and their effects on the terrestrial temperature.

This meeting will take place in the Williamson Library.

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