Risky Business: Assessing the Risks from Weather and Climate.

Date: Wednesday 11 April 2018

Time: 14:00 - 18:00


University of Bristol
Old Council Chamber
Wills Memorial Building
Queens Road
Bristol BS8 1TH



Extreme weather events can have a significant impact on human health, property and local economies. The economic costs associated with such events are borne by local and national governments, private insurance, business, and individuals. In order to limit such costs it is necessary to understand what risks exist and provide reliable forecasts of when extreme weather related events may occur. Good communication between the forecasters, emergency planners and first responders is critical to limiting the impact of extreme weather events on local economies. Anticipated climate change may alter the frequency and severity of these risks requiring adaptation and new strategies for assessing and responding to extreme weather events. We present a series of talks on the types of risks that exist, the economic costs associated with extreme weather, ongoing efforts to forecast and communicate such risks to limit their impact and how climate change may require us to adapt our response to extreme weather events.


This meeting is supported by the Cabot Institute and is part of the Royal Meteorological Society National Meetings programme.



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