Satellites and Weather Forecasting.

Date: Wednesday 7 February 2018

Time: 19:00 - 20:30


Inverness College
1 Inverness Campus
United Kingdom


SPEAKER | Chris Nankervis.

ABSTRACT | The space industry contributes £7 billion to the UK, supports 70,000 jobs, and is growing four times faster than the rest of the economy. Essential to this market are downstream applications that make use of satellite data.
Higher resolution satellite data is now more easily accessible through EU Copernicus – Europe’s Earth Observation programme, and we address how it can be applied to tackle the challenge of food security.
Current satellite based companies operating in the agricultural sector are already helping us remain competitive in the global food market. These include real-time monitoring (e.g. of soil moisture and vegetation) and precision farming, yet seasonal forecasts could further drive farm productivity.
Weather data adds value to many existing agricultural services, enabling growers to make more effective and timely decisions in the field from preventative spraying to variable-rate fertiliser application.

BIOGRAPHY | Dr Christopher Nankervis is the founder of Weather Logistics Ltd, a Nottingham based start-up offering professional seasonal climate services. He earned a Doctorate from The University of Edinburgh using satellite data.

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