Science for Life: Life-changing science in weather, oceans, water and climate.

Date: Tuesday 22 August 2017 - Wednesday 23 August 2017



Come to Australia to participate in a festival of our sciences and our international cooperation.

A steam clipper (the Royal Charter) left Melbourne, Australia in August 1859 bound for Liverpool in the UK, loaded with gold-rush gold and returning passengers. Two months later and nearly home, in a ferocious gale and huge swell, she foundered on the rocks off Anglesey, with large loss of life. After this disaster, Vice-Admiral FitzRoy was given the authority to issue storm warnings, using the newly developed telegraph -- the fore-runner of modern, organised meteorological and oceanographic services for public benefit and saving lives.

Just over 100 years later, the RMetS helped establish an Australian Branch, RMetS(AB), a cooperative act of lasting benefit to the meteorological sciences in Australia. Come to Australia to help celebrate those lasting links, with a Symposium to discuss what’s cutting edge in weather, oceans, water and climate research and services. International, UK and local Keynote Speakers will lead discussions. We are also hoping to hold an adjacent 1 –day data rescue workshop in collaboration with the ACRE initiative (Atmospheric Circulation reconstructions over the Earth) and data groups in Australia.