Weird Water Waves - Meteorological Tsunamis

Date: Tuesday 3 October 2017

Time: 18:00 - 19:30


Manchester Metropolitan University
John Dalton Building
Oxford Road
Greater Manchester
M15 6BH
United Kingdom


SPEAKER | David Williams, University of Liverpool.
ABSTRACT | Abiki, rissaga, ‘death waves’ – different names around the world for the same phenomena. A meteorological tsunami (also known as a meteotsunami) is a wave that behaves just like an earthquake-generated tsunami, but as its name suggests, is created by the atmosphere. Normally they are small, less than a metre high, and often not noticed by people. However, they can get as big as a double decker bus, destroying boats and seriously injuring or killing people. In this talk, David will focus on how meteotsunamis have affected the UK and Western Europe in the past, how much we currently understand them, and the hurdles we must overcome to predict them in the future.

Free entry. Light refreshments from 5.30pm, meeting starts at 6.00pm.