Friends of the Society

The Society receives no statutory funding and is very dependent on the generosity of its members and supporters through subscriptions and donations to support our charitable programmes of work. 

By making an additional donation and becoming a ‘Friend of the Society’ you will help to support the Society’s educational activities, and this donation can be Gift Aided. 

Additional donations have allowed the Society to launch exciting projects such as Climate for Classrooms which in conjunction with the Royal Geographical Society and the British Council has developed schools resources on climate change for the UK, China, Mexico and Indonesia.

We would like to acknowledge with grateful thanks all of those from whom we have received donations over the past five years.

Mr M Baker Dr L Hermanson MSgt R A Steenburgh FRMetS
Dr C H Bishop Sir John Houghton CBE, FRS, Hon FRMetS Dr T Stein
Dr R A Brown Dr M N Juckes Mr R Steven
Mrs S J Brown Prof S A Justham Mrs M E Taylor
Dr P S Calanca Mr C-Y Lam CMet HonFRMetS Mr M D Tutthill
Ms X T Chadee Mr B B McMahon FRMetS Dr R Vogt
Mr M B Cinderey Mr D Murer Mr P C Wagstaff
Miss G G Corbel Dr J P Palutikof Mr R Ware
Dr J B Davis Dr D J Parker FRMetS Prof P J Webster FRMetS
Mr P Duffield Mr G Powell FRMetS Prof R Yamamoto
Mr T F Fathauer FRMetS Mr G W Rolfe Mr D M Simmons
Mr R M Fonseca Dr M S Roulston FRMetS Dr R Fraile
Mr E Rutter Mr M D Gange Mr T E Saxby
Mrs N Hall Mr I J Shepherd