Have you tried the WOW site?


The weather observation web site set up by the Met Office with help from the Society and the Department for Education allows users to enter observations of their local weather.

Set up initially in 2011, the site has received over 75 million obervations!

2500 separate observation sites have been created, with over 420,000 different visitors from 168 different countries.

This  source of observations is a valuable extra source of meteorological information to forecasters, particularly in severe weather events and their onset.

Research is planned for developing statistical methods enabling the automatic assessment of data quality, which may lead to the possibility of NWP assimilation of the dataset in the future.

WOW has potential to be used for other crowd source applications, exploitation by other government departments and agencies, or other applications in other sectors.

It  recently won 2 prestigious UK IT Industry awards:

and http://www.ukitindustryawards.co.uk/

News Date: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2013