Visualisation on aerosols and hurricanes (Source: NASA)

2017 Hurricanes and Aerosols Simulation

NASA have produced a very impressive visualisation showing different aerosols in the atmosphere; smoke, sea salt, and dust. Smoke, sea salt, and dust are important for cloud formation and precipitation, whilst smoke and dust have a significant impact on human health.

This is not a satellite composite but rather the output of a global atmospheric model. The model integrates observations and computes the state of the atmosphere that best explains them. This video emphasises the hurricanes growing in the south Atlantic Ocean - you can even see the movement of the aerosols that caused the sky to turn red over the UK during ex-Hurricane Ophelia!

View online here >>

Some of the visualisation tools are available online. For example, here's a link to the same "Layered Aerosols" but a more recent forecast period >> 

The visualisation interface can be found here >>



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