Does variation in the Sun's output affect climate?

We are excited to announce the publication of the 7th Climate Science Briefing Paper on Solar Variability, as well as an accompanying podcast. The Society's Climate Science Communication Group is producing a series of Climate Science Briefing Papers with the aim to clearly and concisely explain important aspects of climate science.

People arguing against human-caused climate change have often built their reasoning on the variability of the sun. However, whilst the Sun has indeed affected our climate over millions of year, it is not the cause of recent global warming. Our latest paper looks at the variation of the Sun’s output, measurements of the Sun’s variability and how regional and global climate are affected by it. 

Read the Briefing Paper here >>

Caroline Coch sits down with Adam Scaife, Head of Long-range forecasting at the Met Office and Professor at Exeter University, to discuss the paper:

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