November 2017 Mean Temperature 1981 - 2010 anomaly (source: Met Office)

UK weather review: November 2017

Overall, November was just 0.4°C below the 1981-2010 average for mean temperature, it was fairly bright, with sunshine generally above normal (121% of the average), and mostly dry, with rainfall 89% of the long-term average across the UK.

The month began relatively uneventful as a ridge of high pressure lay to the south, whilst the remainder of the month experienced westerly and occasionally northerly air flows. There was a brief period of mild weather on the 20th-22nd, before turning very wet in parts of north Wales and north-west England with flooding and power blackouts leaving more than 70 people needing to be rescued. Shap, Cumbria received about half a month's rain (89 mm) in 36 hours. The final week was generally cold, with widespread overnight frosts.  Snow showers were mostly restricted to high ground, but on the 30th low ground in eastern areas received snow.

UK Weather Averages: Nov 2017 (Source: Met Office)

November UK ummary

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