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170th Anniversary - Virtual Special Issue

11 May 2020

The Royal Meteorological Society publishes seven world-leading science journals with contributions from authors across the world.

We asked our Editors-in-Chief to select two articles from their journal that they considered to be important papers published in the course of their journal’s history.

The following selected articles have been made freely available in celebration of our 170th Anniversary.

International Journal of Climatology

These papers have both been selected as they have been very highly cited (974 and 427 citations respectively) and have proved to have a high impact. They are still of relevance today.


The first article selected is editor Gavin’s favourite in a fascinating series doing a whistle-stop tour of the cultural meaning and historical oddities of ice in the east and west. The second has been selected as editor Eddy’s favourite.

Atmospheric Science Letters

The first is one of the highest cited papers in ASL and particularly relevant with the number of sudden stratospheric warmings we’ve had in recent years. The second has been selected due to its international collaboration and showcasing the benefits of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) data for atmospheric science. The Editors also liked that the lead author is in India, which is an important area for the future of weather science.

Quarterly Journal

The first article has been selected as it is the first paper attributing climate change over 50 years to rising CO2 concentrations. The following pair taken together, mark the beginning of modern atmospheric data assimilation.

Geoscience Data Journal

The first represents the journals highest cited article and the second because it highlights the value of sharing best practices for data services.

Meteorological Applications

The two selected articles represent the most downloaded articles in the history of the journal.

WIREs Climate Change

The two selected articles demonstrate the breadth of articles covered by this journal.