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2018 Society Awards and Prize Winners Announced

10 May 2019

The Society is delighted to announce the Awards and Prize Winners for 2018, which will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in London on 15th May 2019. The Society’s awards for excellence in meteorology are held in high regard across the international community.

Awards and winners for 2018 are detailed below:

The Symons Gold Medal

Dr Clive D Rodgers, University of Oxford (Emeritus)

The Hugh Robert Mill Award

Professor Alan Blyth, National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), University of Leeds

The L F Richardson Prize   

Dr Kirsty Hanley, Met Office

The Michael Hunt Award     

Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society

The Adrian Gill Prize

Dr Michael J Bell, Met Office

The Innovation Award       

Awarded to The Scottish Flood Forecasting Service for the project ‘Surface Water Flood Forecasting in Urban Communities’. The team included:

Linda Speight (SEPA), Sohan Ghimire (The James Hutton Institute), Sarah Dunn (The James Hutton Institute), Brian Golding (Met Office), Clive Pierce (Met Office), Nigel Roberts (Met Office), Bruce Wright (Met Office), Robert Moore (CEH Wallingford), Steven Cole (CEH Wallingford), Amy Tavendale (SEPA) and Juzer Dhondia (CPAESS - UCAR, USA - formerly  Deltares, NL)

The Vaisala Award   

Professor Tom Rippeth, Bangor University

The Malcolm Walker Award

Dr Matthew Menary, LOCEAN (Sorbonne Université)

The Climate Science Communications Award     

Professor Peter Stott, Met Office Hadley Centre

The Society's Outstanding Service Award           

Dr Ian D Phillips, University of Birmingham

The Gordon Manley Weather Prize

Awarded to the ‘Global and regional climate series’ team, which included the following Met Office employees:

David Parker, John Kennedy, Colin Morice, Holly Titchner, Lisa Alexander and Briony Horton

The International Journal of Climatology Editor's Award          

Dr Sergio M. Vicente-Serrano, Pyrenean Institute of Ecology

The Atmospheric Science Letters Editor's Award          

Dr Sven-Erik Gryning, Technical University of Denmark

The Meteorological Applications Editor's Award

Dr Anna Ghelli, ECMWF

The Quarterly Journal Editor's Award      

Professor Maarten H P Ambaum, University of Reading

The Quarterly Journal Reviewer's Certificate

Dr Alan Geer, ECMWF

Dr Nils Gustafsson, SMHI


Congratulations to all!

If you believe that a colleague who is a Fellow of the Society should be rewarded for their work or commitment to the Society, please consider nominating them for the 2019 awards which will open in May 2019.