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Air pollution and climate change

New Climate Science Briefing Paper and podcast

15 April 2021

Our 11th Climate Science Briefing Paper has recently published on early view in Weather. The topic of this paper is air pollution and climate change.

The Society's Science Engagement Committee (previously the Climate Science Communication Group) has produced a series of Climate Science Briefing Papers to clearly and concisely explain the science behind our changing climate.

This latest paper focuses on what we mean by air pollution, where it comes from, its impacts on human health and the environment, and how pollutants affect our climate.

Read the paper here.

Podcast Episode 21 – Air pollution and climate change

Our Science Engagement Manager, Hannah Mallinson speaks to David Warrilow, Vice President of the Royal Meteorological Society, about the paper. You can listen to the podcast here:


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Image credit: Aulia Erlangga