Becoming a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society

13 May 2019

The Royal Meteorological Society’s new Fellowship Scheme is open to all today. You do not need to be a member to apply.  The new scheme is more inclusive, and we are delighted to accept applications from amateur enthusiasts as well as professionals. Applications are encouraged from all areas related to meteorology, including weather and climate. 

Fellowship of the Royal Meteorological Society is our highest level of membership. Fellows can use FRMetS after their name to indicate their standing in meteorology and related sciences. The new scheme is meant for anyone who makes substantial contributions to meteorology and related sciences, whether as an observer, amateur enthusiast, academic, teacher, professional, entrepreneur, innovator or Society volunteer. 

The Fellowship Scheme is now open to anyone, based in the UK or overseas, who satisfies the following two requirements:

  • Has a formal academic qualification involving meteorology, or a vocational qualification in meteorology, or long involvement in a variety of meteorological activities at a professional level or as an amateur enthusiast.
  • Makes substantial contributions to promoting meteorology as a science, profession or interest.

A new application process has been developed and is being overseen by our Fellowship Committee. The application process is different for members and non-members, but both are judged by the same requirements and criteria.  

All applications must be supported by two referees, one of whom must be a Fellow of the Society.  We can help applicants find a Fellow, if they do not already know one who can support their application. Applications are then considered  and evaluated by our Fellowship Committee.  All applicants will be informed of the results by the Chief Executive of the Society. 

Guidance and information about applying, for members and non-members, are on our Fellowship Scheme page.