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Book now! Weather for Private Pilot Licence Holders

Virtual Event: Saturday 10 April, 09.15am-12.45pm

16 March 2021

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The Royal Meteorological Society has joined with the General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo) to offer a webinar focussed on improving safety for all General Aviation pilots at the Private Pilots Licence level, through an understanding of the weather.

Weather is always a topic of great discussion, especially in the UK, but for pilots it can literally be a matter of life and death. Understanding the weather and using the right resources are vital skills that every pilot needs.

In fatal and serious injury accidents involving UK registered general aviation aircraft, it has been found that inadequate decision-making skills, together with a poor appreciation of the weather conditions likely to be encountered during the flight, are critical factors in a significant number of the accidents investigated.

This webinar will look at two key topics: visibility and cloud and wind and turbulence. As part of this, there will be sessions to improve decision-making skills and pre-flight planning looking at Human Factors and Threat and Error Management, coupled with advice on how to make more informed decisions about the weather.

It is assumed that participants are familiar with TAFs and METARs (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast and Meteorological Aerodrome Report).

The timing of this event close to when the Government plans that General Aviation can return to flying from 12 April 2021, means that pilots can ensure their flight safety for when they are back up in the air.

To find out more and register for a place please visit our events page here.