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Call for papers for special issue of Meteorological Applications

“The impact of the present pandemic of COVID-19: a feedback-loop between climate, air pollution and the COVID-19 outbreaks”

7 September 2020

The editors of our journal Meteorological Applications are calling for the submission of manuscripts covering all aspects of the possible feedback-loop between climate, meteorology, air pollution, and the spread of COVID-19. The topics covered by this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • the potential influence of different atmospheric conditions (eg. solar radiation, mixing, relative humidity and temperature) in the spread of COVID-19 and associated comorbity factors at the micro, local and large scales;
  • the potential seasonality of COVID-19 transmission;
  • the influence of meteorological and environmental factors on the distribution of bioaerosols and their relative weight in the spread of COVID-19, as compared against relevant factors, such as genome and exposome, viral variants, population density, social habits, confinement measures, and urban characteristics;
  • dispersion, deposition and removal processes of virus-laden aerosol particles in the indoor environment, including the effects of air temperature, relative humidity, air mixing on SARS-CoV-2 survival on surfaces, and changes in the relevant viral load, infection rate and doses within the human body, and droplet and aerosol dispersion;
  • changes in meteorological and environmental variables relevant to explain changes observed during the COVID-19 lockdowns, especially related to air quality (primary versus secondary aerosols and gaseous air pollutants) and climate (long term effects due to emission reductions).
  • evaluation of the effect of the atmospheric transport and mixing processes on the spatiotemporal variability of the physicochemical and viral properties of the emitted virus-laden aerosol particles (including the viral load modification), through both experimental measurements and modelling.

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The deadline to submit manuscripts is Wednesday 30 September 2020.

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