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Careers in Meteorology

12 November 2020

As A-Level students start to think about what university courses they may like to apply for and university students start to consider their career paths, we have compiled a brief summary of some useful resources available on our website. 

Careers booklet

If you have a subscription to our Weather journal, you will have recently received an 8-page careers booklet, highlighting some of the many options available within meteorology. This includes several career profiles, which provide an insight into roles in forecasting, aviation and energy trading, through to research and meteorological modelling. The booklet also takes a look at how the Society can support you in your career, as well as giving advice for early career professionals, including a helpful advice flowchart on the back cover. Visit rmets.org/careers to download a copy or contact us info@rmets.org to request a hard copy.


Most meteorologists enter the profession with degrees in meteorology, climate science, physics or maths. We have compiled a list of courses with a significant element of weather and climate in this list.

The list also contains information about informal courses that you can take if you have an interest in the weather and climate, but no intention to pursue it as a career option.

Courses which have been accepted as fulfilling the requirements for core content under the Society's Chartered Meteorologist Accreditation Scheme have been highlighted with an *.

Professional accreditation

If you are thinking about starting the journey towards gaining your professional qualifications in meteorology, then we are here to support you. Our accreditation schemes enable you to demonstrate your accomplishments and commitment to your own professional development.

We have two professional accreditation schemes:

Professional accreditation brings many benefits, including the right to use CMet and RMet as a post nominal designation.

We also have two key tools on our website, ACCSYS, including MyCPD, which Members can use to create, manage and submit personal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or formal RMetS accreditation reports, activities and applications.

Grants and funding

The Society has a number of grants and funding to help finance expeditions, carry out research or attend conferences. For example, the Carers’ Fund provides small grants to help you take part in meteorologically related events that you may not otherwise be able to attend because you have caring responsibilities.

Mentoring scheme

The Society recognises the wealth of expertise amongst our membership and that mentoring from someone outside your organisation can be of great value. We offer our members mentoring pairings which offer insight, advice and guidance.

Industrial placements

The Met Office have just released their vacancies for 2021/22 industrial placements. Visit their website to find out more.

Get involved

There are many ways you can be part of the Society from volunteering to being a student ambassador to sitting on one of our Committees. Contact us via membership@rmets.org