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Climate Science Briefing Papers


21 September 2020

Climate Science Briefing Papers

The Society's Climate Science Communication Group has produced a series of Climate Science Briefing Papers with the aim to clearly and concisely explain important aspects of climate science.

Topics covered include:

  • What do we mean by climate change?
  • How climate change is affecting sea levels
  • Global Carbon Budgets: Determining limits of fossil fuel emissions
  • Attribution of Extreme Weather Events: How does climate change affect weather?
  • Solar Variability: Does variation in the Sun’s output affect climate?
  • Climate Modelling
  • What is the El Niño - Southern Oscillation?
  • Measuring meteorological variables for studying the climate
  • How is sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic changing?
  • How much warming results from increases in atmospheric CO2?

These papers are accompanied by podcasts, which can all be found on our podcast channel here.

Climate Resilience and Sustainability

If you would like to share work that you are doing in this area, then please check out Climate Resilience and Sustainability our new online only journal, published by the Royal Meteorological Society and Wiley. This exciting new title provides a dedicated open access home for articles in all areas of climate change and is now open for submissions, with the first publication launching in early 2021.

Climate Resilience and Sustainability will act as a forum for researchers and practitioners who are using the best weather and climate information available to propose policies and actions that are climate resilient and able to deliver sustainable outcomes. Contributions will be particularly welcome from projects and programmes that bring together researchers with different backgrounds to understand complex systems, where decisions made to address one environmental or societal challenge can affect another.

To find out more and submit an article, please click here.