camera roll showing winter scenes

Could you be the new Photo Editor of ‘Weather’?

25 November 2020

We are currently looking for a Photo Editor for Weather, the 'house journal' of the Society, published monthly for our members. The journal acts as a bridge between those having a professional and a general interest in the weather, and others working in related sciences such as climatology, hydrology and geography.

A dream role for anyone looking to enthuse a large readership in a variety of weather and climate content, supported by the Co-Editors, Society, Publisher and Editorial Board.

The successful candidate will ideally have extensive knowledge of weather and/or climate science as well as a passion for photography.

In addition to working on our member publication, the candidate will also be a member of the judging panel for the increasingly popular and internationally recognised annual Weather Photographer of the Year competition.

Key responsibilities are as follows:

  • Selecting one front cover image and three inside cover images for monthly issues of Weather
  • Selecting six photos (along a similar theme, if possible) for the photo page in seven of the twelve issues per year
  • Writing short captions to accompany the selected photos, based primarily on information provided by the photographer
  • Maintaining an online repository of photos submitted by members for consideration for publication in future issues
  • Liaising with photographers when images are selected for publication - seeking permission to publish if not already given and obtaining details for the caption if not already supplied with the image.
  • Sending images and captions to the publishers for preparation of each issue (normally this is done about two months in advance of publication)
  • Attending Weather Board meetings (6 monthly - either in person at the RMetS HQ in Reading, or remotely)
  • Occasional proof reading of papers
  • Being a member of the judging panel for the annual Weather Photographer of the Year competition


Please email with your CV and covering letter, and please share with anyone who may be interested. The closing date for applications is Monday 4 January 2021.