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COVID-19 and Climate Change: what lessons can we learn? and AGM 2022

24 May 2022

If you haven’t yet registered your place, this year’s AGM will be taking place on Wednesday 8 June at 12.30 pm (BST), and you can attend either in-person, at the Institute of Physics, London, or online.

We hope to see as many members there as possible as it has been three years since an in-person AGM due to the pandemic, and the RMetS team would love to meet you.

The AGM programme was circulated to members as an insert in the April issue of Weather, also available on your member dashboard. Other relevant documents, such as the Annual Accounts and Report for 2021, are also available under ‘Meeting Resources’ on the events page.

As well as the AGM, we are delighted to welcome two of our Award winners from 2019 and 2020 to give their Medal Lectures – Professor Keith Shine, FRMetS and Professor Sue Grimmond, FRMetS. We will also be presenting the Awards and Prizes to our 2021 winners. Closing the event is a panel discussion on ‘What Lessons Can We Learn From COVID-19 And How Can We Apply Them to Climate Change?’

The threat of a pandemic has long been near the top of national risk registers. Alongside it is the escalating risk posed by climate change. Both are challenges with local, national and global implications, requiring local, national and global solutions. Both require the urgency of action because of the scale and pace of the problem. And both are susceptible to exponential escalation. This meeting will focus on the key lessons that have been learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic and how we can apply them to tackling climate change

The full programme is as follows:

12:30   Registration, Tea and Coffee

13:00   Welcome from the Institute of Physics Deputy CEO, Rachel Youngman

13:05   Welcome by Prof Liz Bentley FRMetS, CEO of the Royal Meteorological Society           

13:15   Annual General Meeting        

14:00   Mason Gold Medal Lecture given by Prof Keith Shine, FRMetS

14:45   Refreshment Break

15:15   Symons Gold Medal Lecture given by Prof Sue Grimmond, FRMetS          

16:00   Panel Discussion – ‘What Lessons Can We Learn From COVID-19 And How Can We Apply Them to Climate Change?’

Panellists: Pippa Bailey - IPSOS, Candice Howarth - Climate Action Network, Tara Bryer - Climate Outreach, Stuart Bruce - KPMG          

16:45   Presentation of the Society’s Awards and Prizes     

17:15   Drinks Reception       

18:30   Close  


Please visit the events page for further information, supporting documents, and to register your attendance.

Not yet a member, no problem! This meeting is part of the Royal Meteorological Society Meetings programme, open to all, from expert to enthusiast and free to attend.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Society on 0118 2080 142 or email info@rmets.org

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