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Discounts for University of Reading online meteorology courses

15 July 2022

The Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading has adapted some of its teaching for learners to study online with support from internationally-renowned academic staff.

These classes are suitable training for professional meteorologists, consultants, STEM students, graduates and academics seeking to improve their range of skills and knowledge.

We are delighted that they are offering a 10% discount on course fees for existing members of the Royal Meteorological Society.

If you are not yet a member, then there is also a 10% discount on Royal Meteorological Society membership for those who pay full course fees.

What to expect

  • Each week you will have access to new lecture notes, accompanied by videos.
  • Weekly live online interactive sessions.
  • Exercises and assessments.
  • Help is available at live online sessions and at any time on class discussion boards.
  • You should spend in total between four and eight hours per week studying.
  • You will get individual feedback on your work.
  • If you successfully complete the course, you will receive a certificate.

The courses

  • Fundamentals of Meteorology (September to December 2022)
  • Statistics for Weather and Climate Science (September to December 2022)
  • Tropical Meteorology (January to March 2023)
  • Climate Services and Climate Impact Modelling (January to March 2023)

Further details