Thunderstorm with cheetah photo by Uwe Skrzypczak

Join ecologists and climate scientists at Climate Science for Ecological Forecasting

This joint symposium of the British Ecological Society and the Royal Meteorological Society, will identify the needs and opportunities for greater interaction between these two fields. 

17 March 2021

Ecologists and climate scientists will come together at the joint symposium Climate Science for Ecological Forecasting to form new collaborations to better inform the future of our planet.

As the climate crisis and ecological collapse deepen, there’s a need to combine the knowledge and efforts of ecologists and climate scientists. Only with this collaborative approach can we better understand the future of our planet and expedite the planning needed to protect people, species and ecosystems.

Climate science and ecology are inextricably linked when we consider the feedback loops connecting the atmosphere and biosphere: climate ultimately determines the abundance and distribution of species; and ecological processes regulate the physical cycles which affect atmospheric dynamics. An understanding of both disciplines is required if we are to effectively plan for the future of our planet.

Unfortunately, in ecological forecasting, climate dynamics are oversimplified, and within weather and climate models, ecological processes are often distilled down to a mere stepping-stone in climate cycles. Why is this the case? Ecology and climate science are both complex disciplines in their own right, leaving their respective scientists’ little space to fully master the other field. These issues could be hindering potentially planet-saving research, but the solution is simple: interdisciplinary collaboration.

In recognition of this, the British Ecological Society, in collaboration with the Royal Meteorological Society, are hosting Climate Science for Ecological Forecasting, taking place 11 – 12 May 2022, in London, UK.

The symposium will include invited keynote addresses, as well as talks and posters from an open call, covering key topics on progress in ecological forecasting to date and exploring ways in which climate science could ignite novel research. 

This international and interdisciplinary conference will be highly interactive with guided break-out sessions and discussion panels, and there will be plenty of opportunities for networking, discussion and idea generation.

Registration and abstract submission will open later this year, but for now, save the date for this exciting joint event and watch out for keynote speaker announcements, coming soon!

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11 – 12 May 2022
Coin Street Conference Centre, London, UK

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Image credit: Uwe Skrzypczak