RMetS journal portfolio covers

A new series of Research Summaries from across the Society’s journals portfolio

15 July 2020

The Royal Meteorological Society publishes seven world-leading science journals with contributions from authors around the world, covering all aspects of weather and climate including ground-breaking research.

As part of a new series on the Society’s website, we will be publishing a selection of papers from our journals as research summaries; making the often complex research more accessible to a broader audience. The authors are giving the Society an exclusive overview and highlights of their full article found within the journals’ portfolio.

To launch this exciting new series, we have five great reads summarised from the International Journal of Climatology and Quarterly Journal:

Ramiro I. Saurral, Gabriela A. Raggio and Carla N. Gulizia

A discussion on the plausible effects on the climate of the Antarctic continent, from limiting global warming to 1.5 above pre-industrial levels versus 2.0 and above.

Xinying Wu, Zengchao Hao, Qiuhong Tang, Vijay P. Singh, Xuan Zhang and Fanghua Hao

A focus on compound dry and hot events (when the two conditions occur at the same time). The frequency of these events is identified during 1950-1999, before projections are made for the second half of this century.

Micheal T. Pillay and Jennifer M. Fitchett

This summary interrogates the characteristics and nature of Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclones and critically explores their differences to Northern Hemisphere storm characteristics.

Xiaoxin Wang, Dabang Jiang and Xianmei Lang

This summary discusses the Aridity Index and how this is projected to change globally under both 2 and 4 levels of global warming, relative to pre-industrial conditions.

José M.R. Alves, Rui M.A. Caldeira and Pedro M.A. Miranda

Focusing on Madeira island and how the diversion of north-easterly trade winds around its complex terrain, results in two moderate jet flows around the island’s western and eastern tips.  


This summaries series will be regularly updated on the website here.