New teaching resources

9 September 2019

RMetS have released three new teaching resources:

1. Passage of a Depression: this interactive film is aimed at KS3/4 and shows the weather conditions that can be expected as a depression passes over, in the context of the map and cross sectional views. There is an accompanying worksheet.

2. Coriolis Effect: Another new and exciting resource is a short animation explaining the Coriolis Effect. Rather than being aimed at a particular level, this has something for everyone.

3. Tropical Cyclones: This 6-unit Scheme of Work provides a basic understanding of tropical cyclones using contemporary examples. The SoW can be taught in its entirety and also in 2-lesson sections, lessons 1-2 being suitable for Year 7, 3-4 for Year 8 and 5-6 for Year 9, but could be adapted for other years groups.