wildfires burning trees

Number of UK wildfires breaks new record in 2019

13 May 2019

Between January and April 2019, the number of wildfires in the UK has reached a new record high. Around 100 wildfires were detected in the first four months of the year. This exceeds the record of 2018, where a total of 79 wildfires was recorded throughout the entire year.

In an article on theWeather Club, we take a closer look at the detection of wildfires through satellites, causes of wildfires in the spring and the possible influence of climate change. The Society runs theWeather Club for everybody, who is fascinated by the weather. It is full of interesting and educational content that captures the many faces of the weather – its beauty, its power, its occasional absurdity and its fragility in the face of human activity. It is free to join, and you’ll receive a quarterly newsletter full of weather stories and short features.

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