Invisible Killer

Society Endorsement: The Invisible Killer

Book Endorsement Programme

29 August 2019

The Society is now working with a number of academic and non-academic book publishers to bring to our members a Book Endorsement Programme.

Any book endorsed by the Society will be available to our members for pre-order at a deeply discounted rate during a pre-order phase and thereafter available through the Society shop at 20% off the RRP

The first book to be released through our endorsement programme is The Invisible Killer by Gary Fuller.

Dr. Gary Fuller is a London-based air pollution expert who writes the bi-monthly Pollutionwatch column for the Guardian and is a regular media figurehead. The book outlines in a clear and engaging way, the growing problem of air pollution in the 21st century and what needs to be done to tackle it. The book is packed with extraordinary stories of the people, towns and communities affected by air pollution, and those whose research revealed radical discoveries.

This updated paperback version of the already highly acclaimed book isn’t released to the public until the beginning of November, but as a member you will be able to pre-order this book until October 1st through our online shop at a 25% discount and receive it before anyone else!