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Special Offer for New Members

15 months membership for the price of 12

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 17:36

The Royal Meteorological Society is pleased to open a special offer on membership fees for new members.

Everyone who becomes a member of the Society in September 2018 will receive 15 months of membership, and all its benefits, for the price of 12. 

Anyone who is interested or involved in meteorology can join our historic and world-leading Society. Our worldwide membership is made up of professionals and academics, students and teachers, enthusiasts and observers.  Becoming a member means you join a community interested in weather and climate, and can be a part of its many activities including learning about meteorology,  publishing articles, representing science, developing careers, supporting young scientists, networking, and engaging other communities and young people.

In particular, this special offer means that for only a 12-month fee, memberships will run until 31 December 2019.  That means new members joining in September will receive:

  • Three extra copies of Weather magazine and three extra ‘Newsletters to Members’.
  • Three months extra access to member services and support including ACCSYS, the Society’s professional development tool, and our mentoring scheme.
  • Three month’s extra access to all our member offers including: discounts on journal subscriptions and author payment charges; access to research and travel grants; and discounts on Wiley books and in our shop.

Every member is important to us because of the skills, knowledge and ideas each person can bring to the Society. Also, the more members we have, the greater our influence on policy-makers, and the more people enjoying weather and climate as much as we do! Membership fees help to fund our charitable activities in science and education, and support Member services.