Storm Eunice

The Standard Chartered Weather Photographer of the Year competition is open for entries

27 April 2023
  • The world’s most prestigious weather and climate photography competition
  • A global showcase for weather and climate photography and photojournalism
  • Shining a lens on the evolving nature of climate and weather, from an every-day, human perspective
  • Free and open to all ages and photographic abilities
  • Open for entries from Tuesday 25 April 2023
  • Closing on Tuesday 27 June 2023 at 11.30PM BST

Now in its eighth year, the competition showcases the world’s most striking weather and climate photographs. It provides an international platform to raise awareness of the environmental issues putting our planet at risk, depicting the fragility and beauty of the world we need to protect.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Its impact on the environment and human health significantly affects sustainable economic growth and the future of society.

The competition is open to photographers of all ages and abilities, including professionals and amateurs, and is completely free to enter.

Have you captured the ‘mother of pearl’ nacreous cloud in Scotland, witnessed the devastating floods in New Zealand, or experienced life on the frontline of the climate crisis? Whatever your story may be, we want to see your photographs, whether it’s a serene day or a stormy one.

Tied to our mission, the annual competition is an important platform to raise awareness of the climate issues that face our natural world, as well as the stories and experiences which are close to our photographers’ hearts.

There are three categories to enter, including a dedicated Young Photographer category, which has been designed so that those under the age of 18 can also take part in the competition. We are proud that The Week Junior Science+Nature will continue supporting the youth category as a media partner this year.

This year’s esteemed judging panel is comprised of acclaimed photographers, meteorologists, climate experts and editors. 

The competition shortlist will be announced in August, then the public will have the chance to vote for their favourite photograph, and all winners will be announced on Thursday 5 October 2023.

Prof Liz Bentley, Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society, said:

“Photography is an accessible medium and carries with it the power to capture a moment, inspire change and convey a message that words alone cannot. With climate change and extreme weather events increasingly affecting our planet, the Standard Chartered Weather Photographer of the Year provides a unique opportunity for people around the world to share their stories and inspire us all to take action. I cannot wait to see this year’s entries.”

Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer at Standard Chartered, said:

"We are proud to sponsor the Standard Chartered Weather Photographer of the Year competition, which aims to raise further awareness of the impact of our warming climate and the threats posed by associated extreme weather events. This partnership between the Royal Meteorological Society and our bank is designed to encourage amateur and professional photographers alike to capture and document weather and climate around the world. I am truly excited to see the talent that will surface and hopefully foster action toward protecting our precious planet.”

The Royal Meteorological Society’s Standard Chartered Weather Photographer of the Year exhibition tour will showcase the captivating work of the competition winners and short-listed photographs, before touring internationally to bring the beauty of the natural world to as wide an audience as possible. Along with a substantial cash prize for the Main Category winner, the short-listed photos will also feature in a limited-edition calendar, on digital platforms and across global media.

To enter, and for full details on competition rules and prizes visit: