Visit 'The Moon' exhibition at Greenwich: Discount for RMetS Members

Discounted entry to 'The Moon' for members

13 November 2019

The Moon, Earth's only permanent natural satellite and the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System, has long been the subject of scientific research and artistic expression. The National Maritime Museum has launched The Moon exhibition in Greenwich, London, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. The exhibition charts the cultural and scientific story of our relationship with Earth’s natural satellite.

The Moon exhibition

Visitors to The Moon exhibition will have the chance to see over 180 objects, including artefacts such as lunar samples collected from NASA’s Apollo missions and the Soviet Union’s Luna programme. Paintings by J.M.W Turner and John Constable are also on display, as well as the impressive Map of the Moon by Hugh Percy Wilkins.

RMetS member discount

Royal Museums Greenwich has generously extended a 20% discount to Royal Meteorological Society members who are interested in seeing the exhibition. Simply quote the code RMSMOON19 when buying The Moon tickets, either in person at their admissions desks or by phone on 020 8312 6608. The offer ends 5 January 2020.