above my expectations
Gareth Mon Jones - Above my Expectations 2019


Gareth Mon Jones 

I have a passion for photography and will get out in any weather. I love to photograph the drama and the beauty of weather in the various landscapes of my beloved home in North Wales. 

I have had an interest in photography for nearly 6 years now. My love for photography has grown as I have learned the skill and patience it involves. I was thrilled to be asked to attend last years award meeting. 

Being awarded with the title of Weather Photographer of the year 2019, was one of the proudest moments in my life. When my photograph was shortlisted, I wasn't aware of the impact it had on the RMetS judges. I was delighted to be selected on the shortlist but also to join talented photographers from across the world. I attended the Awards ceremony at the WeatherLive event in London. After hearing all the placed photographers names being announced, I had given up all hope. Then a lady spoke a verse in German and I heard a word similar to clouds. At that moment I knew I had won the top Prize of Weather Photographer of the year 2019.

I can only thank everyone at the RMetS for hosting a superb competition that anyone in the world can enter.

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