Winter Sunset © Ivica Brlić

Winter Sunset © Ivica Brlić

Photographer name: Ivica Brlić 

From: Davor, Croatia

Photo title: Winter Sunset

Photo location: Davor, Croatia 

Date photo taken: January 2017

Story behind the photo: The weather conditions of that day were changeable: it was sunny, cloudy, windy, stormy… The photo shows a part of these weather conditions.

Weather caption: Snow is precipitation in the form of well-developed hexagonal ice crystals. Within a cloud, multiple tiny ice crystals stick together to form snowflakes and when sufficiently heavy, they fall to the ground. The properties of the atmosphere through which the snow falls influences the size of the snowflakes. If the air is slightly above 0oC and moist, the snowflakes begin to melt and stick to others to form big, heavy snowflakes. Conversely, if the air is cold and dry, the snowflakes aren’t modified and this results in dry, powdery snow – a favourite for skiers!

Technical details:

Camera                      NIKON D7200

Lens model               18.0-140.0 mm f/3.5-5.6

Shutter speed           1/8

Aperture                     f/18

Focal length              18 mm

35mm equivalent      27 mm

ISO                           100